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On this and subsequently linked pages, we offer all the DVD's, Flashdrive Video or audio files, MP3 downloads and textbooks for taking our courses as well as additional selected resources to enhance your training experience and your counseling practice. 


Most books can now be purchased through mass marketing companies at a cheaper price than we are able to offer unless they are published by us and purchased in bulk.  Therefore we provide direct links for all of our books and those of other authors to one of the least expensive of those companies, 


You may purchase our books in bulk on the "Our Book Sales" link on the right and individual books on the "Popular Books link" through by selecting the picture of each book.  By purchasing books through this website at you are supporting this ministry at no additonal cost to you.


DVDs allows you to view and purchase each of our courses directly on this website.


Flash Drive Video or Audio Files provide DVD quality video or audio files for certification packages and for all of our courses.  You may copy these files to your computer hard drive or MP3 player, or play them direcly on your computer from the flash drives without the problems sometimes associated with handling DVDs. Note that these files are of much better quality than are possible to obtain by attempting to download compressed files from the Internet.


MP3 Audio Files provide for downloading MP3s for our first five fundamental courses.  On the link on the right you can purchase the MP3 password for $10.00 which will be E-mailed to you at the E-mail address you provide on checkout.  Use this code to access the password protected page to download each class for that course (that is only $1.00 for each class file). Please do not pass this code on to your friends.


Our Book Sales provides special offers for buying our books in bulk (ten or more books of a single title) shipped directly from the printer.


Popular Books provides direct links to for individual books that, based on our experience, are the best Christian counseling resouces on partiular topics including abuse, addictions, codependency, counseling, emotions, life coaching, marriage and family, self-image, and spiritual growth.  We use many of these with our clients.  


LCUS Curriculum provides required DVDs and direct links to for books, and complete curriculum for first and second year undergraduate and graduate packages for Life Christian Universtiy programs using our materials.


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    All of our books Faith Therapy, Transformation, Revelations and Principles for Life are now available on our bookstore direct sales page.


     You can now obtain eight of the sound tracks of our counseling courses pre-loaded on a RCA MP3 player for $1 per class ($80.00) on our bookstore flash drive page.

On this new updated website: On our Answers by Topic pages all of our videos can now be more easily viewed directly on this website on individual video screens without bandwidth problems. You can now obtain our video and audio files on a flash drive or download the counseling certification courses as audio MP3s. Our bookstore now offers direct links to buy books from at signifcicantly lower prices. Finally, you now have a opportunity to partner with us by donating to make this material freely available on the missions field even where adequate Internet connectivity is not available.

From a Curriculum User

At Life Christian University, we firmly believe that Jesus is the answer to every problem of life. Because of this, we have chosen Dr. Troy Reiner’s “Faith Therapy” program as the basis of our counseling program. His books are wonderful! They carefully lay a biblical foundation for complete recovery for every believer. Taking the truth that salvation works, he trains Christian counselors to help individuals remove the blockages in their minds and hearts that prevent them from experiencing the fullness of what Jesus purchased for them on the cross. Feedback from both our students and our faculty has been overwhelmingly positive. I heartily recommend these books! Dr. LeAnna Eldridge