Video and Audio Files on Flash Drives

Flash Drive Video or Audio Files provide DVD quality, high quality SD, and even HD720 and HD1080 quality video files which are much better than those available for download on  They can be projected directly from your computer for larger classes in MPEG4 format or MP3 for sound tracks, copied to your computer hard drive or MP3 player, or playing directly on your computer from the flash drive without the problems sometimes associated with handling DVDs. 

Flash Drive Video Files

We are currently in the process of reformatting our classes in the MPEG4 format. Because the price of flash drives has recently dropped and we can now produce videos in higher quality in a more compact size, it now costs more to produce DVDs than to produce and store videos on flash drives.  In addition flash drives are one of the most reliable forms of media.  Below you can purchase anyone of our courses that have been reformatted for only $50 for high quality SD, $70 for HD720 and $80 for HD1080 (compared to $85 for the DVDs.)  Those course currently formatted for flash drives are posted for sale below.  When possible multiple orders will be placed on a single flash drive.  Select the down arrow for the higher quality options.

Faith Therapy on a flash drive                                                                   SD $50 HD720 $70 HD1080 $80 


Effective Counseling and Coaching Skills on a flash Drive                       SD $50 HD720 $70 HD1080 $80 


Transformation on a flash drive                                                                 SD $50 HD720 $70 HD1080 $80 


Flash Drive MP3 Audio files

Because many of us multitask, MP3 audio files of our courses are an alternative way of learning using an MP3 player or smart phone while working out or driving.  Of course, there are some things on the video that you will miss out on like visual charts and illustrations. Although the files are reasonably small it still takes time to download them one at a time even on this website, so we offer the follwing alternatives:

Purchase all the MP3s for a Counseling Certification at $1 a class on a flash Drive $50.00

Purchase all the MP3s for a Life Coaching Certification at $1 a class on a flash drive $50.00

Purchase all the MP3 files for all 15 of our courses at $1.00 a class on a flash drive $150.00

Eight of our course sound tracks preloaded on an MP3 Player $80.00

This preloaded RCA MP3 player normally contains Faith Therapy, Counseling Skills, Transformation, Revelations, Principles, Group Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Anger Management, Domestic Violence and Abuse.  To substitute other courses send us an E-mail along with the order stating which courses you want. 

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    All of our books Faith Therapy, Transformation, Revelations and Principles for Life are now available on our bookstore direct sales page.


     You can now obtain eight of the sound tracks of our counseling courses pre-loaded on a RCA MP3 player for $1 per class ($80.00) on our bookstore flash drive page.

On this new updated website: On our Answers by Topic pages all of our videos can now be more easily viewed directly on this website on individual video screens without bandwidth problems. You can now obtain our video and audio files on a flash drive or download the counseling certification courses as audio MP3s. Our bookstore now offers direct links to buy books from at signifcicantly lower prices. Finally, you now have a opportunity to partner with us by donating to make this material freely available on the missions field even where adequate Internet connectivity is not available.

From a Curriculum User

At Life Christian University, we firmly believe that Jesus is the answer to every problem of life. Because of this, we have chosen Dr. Troy Reiner’s “Faith Therapy” program as the basis of our counseling program. His books are wonderful! They carefully lay a biblical foundation for complete recovery for every believer. Taking the truth that salvation works, he trains Christian counselors to help individuals remove the blockages in their minds and hearts that prevent them from experiencing the fullness of what Jesus purchased for them on the cross. Feedback from both our students and our faculty has been overwhelmingly positive. I heartily recommend these books! Dr. LeAnna Eldridge