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Faith Therapy Curriculum

Faith Therapy curriculum is designed to train counselors and life coaches for ministry in Bible-based churches or to add a Bible-based spiritual emphasis to more secularly based programs designed for state licensure.  Unlike some other curriculum which consists of a lot of informtion on many topics and counseling theories, Faith Therapy provides a single fully integrated biblical salvation-based theory and method of counseling that can be used to integrate all other counseling training within that theory. 


The four basic "The Just Shall Live by Faith" books and courses provide an overall foundation that allows the integraton of more detailed information in the future.  Faith Therapy provides an understanding of how salvation by faith actually works and addresses meeting the deeper needs of self-worth, significance, love and security as well as many common problems.  Transformaton addresses and gives biblical models from Bible stories for counseling most of the complex proplems in the church.  Revelations explains the steps of spiritual growth that underly the process of salvation.  Finally, Principles of Life expalins how to use biblical principles to build counseling plans for problems not directly addressing in a particular biblical story. 


For more informaton on Faith Therapy and the Faith Therapy Curriculum view the About\Faith Therapy page.    

Qualifications for Affiliation and Fee Reductions

Established schools and colleges with at least 10 students can qualify at a number of different levels and for reduced fees for our materials.  Churches establishing their own schools can also qualify for these levels and reduced fees for using the Faith Therapy Curriculum. 


1.  Use the Faith Therapy videos.  Anyone can use our materials for free without asking our permission but you are not allowed to copy or distribute our materials or state that you are officially affiliated with us.  However, you can use these videos as part of your curriculum and grant your own certifications and degrees.


2.  Receive our certifications.  You can obtain our course credit, a certificate of course completion, or one of our certifications online, via DVDs, or using videos or MP3s.  You can also offer our courses to others, but they will still have to pay the fees, send their papers and tests to us for grading, and have us or a qualified counselor provide the supervision for the practicum.  


3.  Offer our certifications as a affiliate.  After you have completed one of our certifications or degrees, we will allow your to use our videos to instuct this material, grade the papers and tests, and supervise your own practicums. We will still require an actual video of each student counseling to verify that the students are competent to counsel before certifying them.  We may require a site visit to verify that you meet our standards before we may authorize you to state that you are affiliated with us. 


4.  Offer diplomas and degrees through us granted by Logos.  Once you have sucessfully graduated a number of classes of certification students, we will authorize you to start offering dilomas and degrees.  Students will still have to be graded and supervised by us since at this point your connection to Logos Christian College is still through us and we have to verify the grades and degree completion to Logos.


5.  Become a Logos affiliate.  After effectively completing serveral certification classes and graduating a number of degreed students, you can chose to become a direct affiliate of Logos Christian College and Graduate School and become qualified to grant their degrees.  

Standard Curriculum Packages For Qualifed Schools

Curriculum Packages consist of videos on the Internet, DVD or Flash Drives for certification, bachelors, or master's degees levels.  Currently there are 15 courses available on video and each is accompanied by a syllabus with assigned text books, required papers, and final examination with grading key.


If the school wishes to have their students receive our certification either they must qualify one of their instructors in the Faith Therapy curriculum or have us provide the grading and the supervision for the practicum.  As a minimum they must provide a video of the student actually counseling a client for verification that they are a competent counselor.


We provide the following curriculum offers at a reduced fee for qualified schools. 


The Five Counseling Certification Videos on a Flash Drive $300.00

The Five Life Coaching Certification Videos on a Flash Drive $300.00

All 15 of our Video Courses and MP3 files on a Hard Drive $900.00

Developing Country Curriculum Pachages

Because the needs are so great and the resouces scarce both Word of Life Counseling Training Insitute and Logos Christian College and Graduate School have established scholarship programs for developing contries with a per capita income of under $5000.  These scholarships are at or below our costs and provide a basis for obtaining our curriculum at an extremely reduced cost.


In developing countries we also give permission to copy our books, DVDs and video files for training purposes and for establishing additional training schools.  Consequently, a church or school in a developing country can have one of their instructors take our DVD pastoral or lay certification program including books and DVDs for $250 plus shipping to qualify as an instructor.  They can then use these books and DVDs to train others. 


Please see the scholarship offers on the scholarship page of our training website\scholarships.

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From a Curriculum User

At Life Christian University, we firmly believe that Jesus is the answer to every problem of life. Because of this, we have chosen Dr. Troy Reiner’s “Faith Therapy” program as the basis of our counseling program. His books are wonderful! They carefully lay a biblical foundation for complete recovery for every believer. Taking the truth that salvation works, he trains Christian counselors to help individuals remove the blockages in their minds and hearts that prevent them from experiencing the fullness of what Jesus purchased for them on the cross. Feedback from both our students and our faculty has been overwhelmingly positive. I heartily recommend these books! Dr. LeAnna Eldridge