Mission Outreaches of Word of Life Ministries

The mission of Word of Life Ministries is "to have as many outreaches as possible to save as many souls as possible."  Therefore we actively seek to improve what we are doing in order to reach and help as many people throughout the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a counseling center and counseling training ministry we invite you to support and be part of what we are doing.

Free Online Video Training

As you probably already know, we are attempting to reach as many people throughout the world with what the Lord has given us concerning Faith Therapy counseling by offering all of our video courses for free on Youtube.com, by topic on this website, and by course on www.freechristiancounselingtraining.com.  We only charge for those things that require an ongoing effort on our part so that we can pay our ministry employees for instructing classes, supervising practicums, grading papers and tests, and producing products.   

Podcast Training Development

Because we want to reach as many people as possible and make taking our courses as easy as possible, we are currently exploring the possiblity of Podcasting our courses on Itunes or similar sites so that they can be downloaded directly on IPods or smart phones.  Pray that we find a cheap or free site to host and provide bandwidth for these files.


We are also investigating the possibility of providing preloaded solar MP3 players overseas so that Bible-based training can reach even those areas without electricity.

Online and DVD Certifications and Degrees

You also probably know that we offer low-cost pastoral, lay counseling, and life coach certifications and Bachelor's and Master's Degrees through Logos Christian College and Graduate School.  We do this to multiply ourselves as counselors, as a counseling center, and as a training school since there is such a desperate need for truly Bible-based counselors in our churches and society.  What we charge is rediculously low compared to almost all secular colleges and universities.  As a minimum we are obligated to charge the Logos Christian College and Graduate School fee structure because they are the school actualy granting our degrees.  For more on our certifications and degrees visit our training website www.freechristiancounselingtraining.com

Developing Country Scholarships

After several trips to developing countries in Africa it became apparent that even the small fees we were charging are prohibitive in some of these countries.  We also found out that Logos had already worked out a special fee structure for developing countries so that in coordination with them we now offer scholarships to student from these countries that are at or below our cost.  For more on these scholarships visit the scholarship page on www.freechristiancounselingtraining.com\scholarships.

Continuing Curriculum Development

We are continuing to improve our courses and curriculum.  In the next two years we hope to add another course in new advance counseling methods and to update our course in Psychopathology in accord with the publication of the new DSM V, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders.  This requires developing the course material, actually presenting the course while we videotape it with a high definition camera, editing, and publishing it.  We are open to suggestion for additional courses that might improve our curriculum as the Lord leads us.

Counseling Center Pioneers Network

It is out goal to assist others in starting as many new Bible-based counseling centers in churches as possible.  A few years ago we recognized the need for supporting our graduates and for doing presentations in churches to help them understand the need and to begin their own support groups and centers. 


Because of this we started the Counseling Center Pioneers Network with now meets quarterly to learn new information concerning the counseling and coaching profession, to support each other, and to lift each other up in prayer.  We hope to eventually expand this to our Internet students and graduates.  Our new course Practice Management was an outgrowth of the material presented at these meetings.

Development of New Training Centers

After we established our present websites on the Internet we began recieving requests for assistance in duplicating what we had in the United States and other parts of the world.  Since we are just beginning to work on translating our courses into other languages, we have concentrated primarily on English speaking countries where our materials would be of most use.  At this point we have conducted three seminars in African countries where the need was greatest to help them begin Bible-based Counseling Training Centers.  In each case our seminars were extremely well received.  In one country we are attempting to have some of books translated into the local language. 

Twenty Million Souls by AD 2020

Several Year ago Pastor Rob, the Senior Pastor of Word of Life Church, believed that the Lord spoke particularly to him that the goal of Word of Life Ministries was to win 20 Million souls to Christ by the year 2020.  He asked the Lord how one mid-sized chruch could so such a thing.  The Lord said that He would show him how to do it.  Therefore, we and other like-minded churches have begun financing major crusade evangelists holding evangelistic crusades in difficult or unreached areas of the world in addition to our other outreaches.  Of course we need many other churches to join in this effort.  At this time, through all of our outreaches, we have reached over 360,000 new converts for Christ so we still have a long way to go and could use your prayers and support.  For more updated information on the Vision 20-20 outrerach visit our Word of Life Ministries website www.wolm.org.  

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From a Curriculum User

At Life Christian University, we firmly believe that Jesus is the answer to every problem of life. Because of this, we have chosen Dr. Troy Reiner’s “Faith Therapy” program as the basis of our counseling program. His books are wonderful! They carefully lay a biblical foundation for complete recovery for every believer. Taking the truth that salvation works, he trains Christian counselors to help individuals remove the blockages in their minds and hearts that prevent them from experiencing the fullness of what Jesus purchased for them on the cross. Feedback from both our students and our faculty has been overwhelmingly positive. I heartily recommend these books! Dr. LeAnna Eldridge